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Change History

Symbols used below

"+" means features added
"&" means improvements
"*" means bugs fixed

Version 3.3.3, build 493

& Support for Windows 8
* Fixed problem with saving settings on Vista and Windows 7 64-bit

Version 3.3.2, build 492

* Errors with some visual styles
* Checking for updates problem
* Few minor bug fixes

Version 3.3.1, build 489

& Option to backup on shutdown instead on startup
& Detecting duplicate entries when importing contacts
& French translation updated
* Error wile searching
* Importing FAX and UID fields in contacts
* Duration typing problem
* Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.3, build 477

+ Added support for multiple languages - translations are not finished yet
* Few minnor issues fixed

Version 3.2.2, build 470

* Alarms keep showing after restart in some cases
* Few minnor issues fixed

Version 3.2.1, build 467

& Improved vCal/iCal support
& Manual sorting now turns on automatically when task is moved
& Recurring to-do task now sets date to today by default (instead to 19th century date)
& Allow durations under 10 minutes
* Some exotic recurring problems fixed
* First day of week is correctly set in monthly view
* Scheduled recurring with alarm problem
* "e;Cannot retrieve record - Native error: 10026"e; fixed

Version 3.2, build 455

& Inline editing: if only name exists, use it instead of initials
* Problems with large scheduled task notes
* Parent's completion refreshing
* Schedule balloon hint size
* Occasional errors when adding assignees inline
* Error when adding first Contact
* Strange To-do list horizontal scrolling
* Remembering last expanded nodes
* If Windows Explorer restarts, refreshed AAO icon in notification area

Version 3.1.2, build 445

* Various problems with saving notes
* Duplicated scheduled tasks in month planner
* AV when entering new tasks on some systems
* Recurring scheduled tasks reminder problem
* Transparent notes background color
* To-do reminders are not saved
* Invoking New Task from systray menu twice causes an error

Version 3.1.0, build 437

+ New relation for date filters: Blank / Not blank
+ Move task level down option added
& Task move shortcuts (Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down) changed to Ctrl+Alt+Up and Ctrl+Alt+Down
& Better initials determining while adding assignees automatically
* Invisible multi-day tasks in schedule fixed
* Fixed date filters problems (blanks and recurring)
* Dragging whole day task fixed
* Keyboard shortcuts descriptions in help file corrected
* Week planner: Arrow schedule scrolling doesn't always work correctly
* Minor glitch regarding bold dates in calendar
* Number of other crashes fixed

Version 3.0.6, build 427

+ Deferred status added
& Added descrption in pane caption when scheduled tasks are filtered
* In some cases, adding Categories or Assignees does not work
* Duplicated scheduled tasks in month view
* Filters order saving problem
* Error when refreshing while to-do inline editor is active
* Allow one instance only option doesn't work
* Other minor tweaks

Version 3.0.5, build 423

+ You can turn off backup countdown now (instant backup) & Even more improvement of network/multi-user performance
* Problem with some combined layouts
* Few more minor fixes

Version 3.0.4, build 419

& Slighly improved network performance
* Persistent "Primary Key constraint 'C_PK$ID' violated" errors fixed
* Backup: "Database file '' does not exist" error fixed
* Recurring to-do problems, again
* Color filter is not saved
* Category editing impossible

Version 3.0.3, build 411

+ Now it's possible to change to-do font size (Options | User Interface)
* Problem when moving tasks in monthly view
* Duplicate task doesn't write subtasks
* Some layout problems
* Edit task from Find window - options are disabled
* Printing recurring and filtered appointments
* Recurring to-do problems
* Number of Invalid Pointer, List, Access Aiolation and Database errors

Version 3.0.2, build 407

This update is highly recommended - numerous problems fixed!

+ vCalendar/iCalendar import/export added
& If canceled, automatic backup will not be started until application is restarted
* Occasional crash when downloading an update
* Problem with crashing when showing alarms
* Backup path problem
* After dragged from todo, scheduled baloon tooltip doesn't show notes
* Significant performance boost, especially when working on network files
* Occasional errors when filter is active
* "Go to linked" when target pane is not visible
* "One-to-one" to-do printing problem
* Several other problems fixed

Version 3.0.1, build 398

& Application now offers to do a backup before importing data
& Remembering last backup path
& "Or equal" relations for date filters added (check your saved filters!)
& Click at Systray tooltip now restores application
* Some problems while converting old file format
* Filters and recurring to-do problem
* Systray tooltip sometimes not visible
* Several other bugs fixed

Version 3.0, build 393

Numerous new features and improvements compared to v2.x. Visit web site for details.

Note: This is not a free update, unless you are an active beta tester. To retrieve new registration key you will need to purchase an upgrade.