Custom Software Development

If you need a specific software solution to improve, simplify and speed up your business, please let us know and we can discuss your ideas. We have more than 20 years of experience in developing various purpose applications for different platforms and thousands users across the world are satisfied with our solutions.

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Although it's not always necessary, most business-type applications depend on some kind of underlying database, either some of SQL servers (such are Oracle™ or Microsoft SQL Server™), flat file databases (Microsoft Access™), simple and quick single user system (SQLite), XML, text or custom binary files. Depending on specific needs, platform, amount of data and estimated number of concurrent users, we can suggest one technology over another. Of course, the final decision is up to you.

Expert systems, decision support software

By combining your know-how about business processes and our software development experience, it is possible to create such software systems that could significantly simplify your decision making. Decisions are usually based on input data (facts) and, sometimes, intuition. Although computers are (still) not powerful enough to have their own intuition, they can process and present data in such manner so you can easily glance over relevant facts and make a right decision.

One of such application is our own Decision Oven. You can enter and prioritize criteria and multiple options, and let software calculate and rank options by how well they match your needs and wishes.

Raw data analysis and presentation

More data in general means more information, but sometimes such data is not presented in a way that human beings can easily comprehend. It is possible to build a software that will extract what is important from existing data (in form of text file or some database) and present it in an actually useful way.

One example of application of this type is our Web Log Storming, a web analytics solution which uses raw text log files generated by web server to prepare readable reports and graphs, whether it's summary statistics or grouping and searching data by various filters.

Graphical applications

Numbers aside, we have a formidable experience in creating applications which use a non-standard visual controls and can be used for arbitrary drawing. Our most popular software CD Label Designer is an application user to design and print CD/DVD/BD covers and labels. Also, we have created several engineering applications that can draw diagrams based on inputs, among other things.

Controlling external devices and data acquisition

In the past we have participated in developing software that connects PC computer to external hardware devices and machines, giving you an opportunity to control them and analyze their outputs.

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Custom software development

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