Long awaited company website redesign

website_2004We finally got some time to update company website, and not a day too soon, as previous design was created a decade ago!

It is really embarrassing for anyone, let alone an IT company, to have an outdated website these days. Well, we always had “more important” things to do: CD Label Designer website, Web Log Storming website or other projects that we were working on these years. As they say: “The shoemaker always wears the worst shoes” – it was so true in our case. But not anymore, hopefully – this pair of shoes should be all new and shiny. 🙂

As the website is rather new, we still keep a close eye on possible broken links and other errors and resolving them as they come up, so please take a minute to let us know if you happen to notice anything.

Agenda At Once PIM just became freeware

Agenda At Once Free PIMWe have decided that our Agenda At Once PIM software, previously priced at $39.95, will be completely free from now on. No cut down features, no Premium offers, no special upgrades – simply free.

Agenda At Once PIM is a full-featured Personal Information Manager with powerful and complete hierarchical To-do list, Schedule/Calendar, Contacts and simple Notes management. Some of main features include:

  • Grouping tasks in a tree-style manner
  • A bunch of task fields and configurable columns (like assignees, projects, categories, color, …)
  • Manually and auto-calculated percentage based completion
  • Flexible and saveable filters
  • Easy planning by drag and drop between to-do and schedule
  • Multiple simultaneous users sharing same data
  • Portable installation
  • And much more

In addition, the latest update solves the problem with saving settings on 64-bit Vista+ computers and also adds a support for Windows 8.


Software website

Direct download

Grocify – web shopping lists for groups

Some time ago we have developed basic shared shopping list web application. It was something like hobby project back then, but now we have decided to make it better by adding more advanced features.

Grocify is a web application that allows you to share shopping list with your close family, roommates or whoever. After someone from your group adds an item to shopping list, any other member can use a phone to see this list while in the store. No need to call or text your household members for this purpose anymore.

To see details and create a free account, just go to Grocify website.


Major release: CD Label Designer 5.0

We are happy to inform you that new major update of CD Label Designer, our popular CD/DVD label and cover maker software, is out. We hope that you’ll find that these additions will make your designing experience even more enjoyable and labels even more eye-catching than before.

Most important changes

  • Windows 8 compatibility
  • CD/DVD Sleeve (envelope) support
  • More editing flexibility, like moving objects outside label boundaries
  • Stretch text to the box
  • Shape Edit window
  • Other less important fixes and improvements

See more details

Discount offers

This is a major update, so all current customers can buy an upgrade for 50% of the full price, and customers who bought after Aug 1st, 2012 can get it for free. To take an advantage of this offer, just type your original registration key into Promotional code field in the order form (see instructions here), or contact us if you have any problems.

How to get CD Label Designer for free?

If you purchased after Aug 1st 2012, you already qualify for free upgrade. If not, there are still other possibilities for discount up to 100%.


CD Label Designer website
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