Monthly Archives: March 2008

“Scam” is a right word for this

While small independent software companies are trying hard to raise a trust with potential customers, some of their partners (payment processors) are undermining these efforts.

Second time in recent history it happens that some of payment processors, on its own, without actual vendor consent and knowledge, are charging extra ~$10 each month from MicroISV customers for something they call a “discount scheme for future purchases”. This fact is hard to notice new item in credit card statement shows up. Oh yes, customers should “just call” to cancel this payments, but damage is already done.

Incidentally, both payment processors, as significant number of others, are owned by same large corporation. It’s not clear if this politics is something their owners require or they are just doing on their own. Just in case, our main payment processor (Plimus, Inc.) is independent company that so far understands that most important recipe for success is to satisfy both sides: customers and vendors.

That said, we can never know what and when will our partners decide to do, so if you notice any sign of dishonesty related to our web site or purchasing our products, please let us know immediately so we can react accordingly. Thank you in advance!