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CD Label Designer 4.0: Just In Time For Holidays

We are happy to inform you that new major update of CD Label Designer, our popular CD/DVD label and cover maker software, is out. We hope that you’ll find that these additions will make your designing experience even more enjoyable and labels even more eye-catching than before.

Most important changes

  • LightScribe™ support
  • Special effects (shadow and transparency)
  • New and improved shapes
  • Custom fields
  • Embedded Image Browser
  • Improved Print Layout window
  • Other less important fixes and improvements

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Discount offers

All current customers of any of our software (including Agenda At Once and Web Log Storming) can buy an upgrade for 50% of the full price. No. Scratch that. To reward quickest of you, in next several days price will be even lower: a discount of 67% brings an upgrade price down to the unbelievable $9.98 for Personal and to $13.32 for Business edition. It’s really a no-brainer now, so hurry up before this early-bird offer expires and we set the price back to 50% ($14.97 / $19.97)!

Note that, if you bought CD Label Designer after September 1st, 2009, you get an upgrade for free.

To take an advantage of this offer, just type your original registration key into Promotional code field in the order form (see instructions here), or contact us if you have any problems.

How to get CD Label Designer for free?

Well, if you purchased after Sep 1st, you already qualify for free upgrade. If not, there are still other possibilities. The new one on the list is the opportunity to send us print layout that you use, if it’s not already included in the default installation. Just use print layout export option to send us .XML file and we’ll send you a free key.


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Free or cheap: CD Label Designer

CD Label Designer infoCD label makers are used by wide range of people: hobbyists and professionals, students and business people, musicians and developers, teens, parents and grandparents. Everyone must make a CD or DVD at least once in a lifetime. Still, it’s quite understandable that not everybody has same pocket depth. And what’s more important, not everybody earns money by making CDs.

That’s why we have decided to, at least for a while, offer number of options so you can get your own copy of CD Label Designer for free or with a significant discount. It’s totally legal and supported by officials, of course. 🙂

In return, we need a small favor from you. Lot of time has been spent to create this software, and giving it away just like that wouldn’t be so smart (regardless what some people tend to think). Instead, you can make a small effort and give us something in return.

Currently available options:

  1. Free: TrialPay
  2. Free: Blog or a website review
  3. 50% off: Forum post
  4. 50% off: Download.com comment
  5. 10%-50% off: Tell a friend
  6. 30% off: Competitive upgrade

See details for these offers

If you have another idea, we will be glad to hear it. Feel free to contact us with a suggestion.