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Accounting software for startups – anyone interested?

There’s really lot of accounting/finance software available, free or commercial, and creating another one seems very unnecessary. Still, most of them are targeted to either home users or to large companies, even though some claim they are intended for small businesses. Alright, if those are for small businesses, what about micro-businesses? Being a small (micro?) software company (moreover: located outside USA, UK or Canada), we really don’t need most of options that these applications offer while not fulfilling other needs that we have.

After, literally, years of searching, we finally decided to make a tool for ourselves – to make it actually usable for micro ISVs and other service-based companies. We believe that there’s more company owners out there who feel the same and who currently use spreadsheets to track finances or trying to adjust already available tools. That’s why we are seriously thinking about polishing this software and publishing it as a product.

What do you think? If you are interested in this kind of application, please go to Fresh Flow Accounting website where you can read a short introduction, subscribe to a mailing list or send us a comment to support us in building this or tell us how stupid we are. 🙂

Fresh Flow Accounting website