Error window redesigned

In our last post we have asked if anyone else suspects that we have received error report without his permission. So far, no one reported it yet and, as we have committed to extensive testing, we have all reasons to believe that it’s not a bug in our system that caused this unfortunate event but an isolated incident (although we are still open to any feedback that could suggest otherwise).

What happened is most surely an unintentional and accidental confirmation by this user who complained. Nevertheless, we apologize for the inconvenience to anyone who might have experienced same thing. Also, anyone who sent us a bug report is and always was informed about what’s happening: by window that shows sending progress and by information message box that stays on screen until users closes it. In other words, there is no chance that you’ve sent a bug report without knowing it happened.

Regardless, we are doing whatever is reasonable in order to reduce a possibility that this ever happens again, hopefully to zero. Firstly, because of your peace of mind and, secondly, because of our own peace of mind. After several iterations we finally settled down with this layout:



We are confident that the possibility of accidental error submission is now completely eliminated. As you can see, the Send button is disabled and it will remain so until you enter a valid Email address or click on I want to submit this error anonymously check box. We have also emphasized details about the whole process that will some users surely find important (such are statements about confidentiality, purpose and method of sending).

Update is already uploaded to the server, so feel free to download it.

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