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Agenda At Once PIM just became freeware

Agenda At Once Free PIMWe have decided that our Agenda At Once PIM software, previously priced at $39.95, will be completely free from now on. No cut down features, no Premium offers, no special upgrades – simply free.

Agenda At Once PIM is a full-featured Personal Information Manager with powerful and complete hierarchical To-do list, Schedule/Calendar, Contacts and simple Notes management. Some of main features include:

  • Grouping tasks in a tree-style manner
  • A bunch of task fields and configurable columns (like assignees, projects, categories, color, …)
  • Manually and auto-calculated percentage based completion
  • Flexible and saveable filters
  • Easy planning by drag and drop between to-do and schedule
  • Multiple simultaneous users sharing same data
  • Portable installation
  • And much more

In addition, the latest update solves the problem with saving settings on 64-bit Vista+ computers and also adds a support for Windows 8.


Software website

Direct download

4 ways to buy Agenda At Once PIM for $0

Agenda At Once screenshotHere’s an opportunity to get a Agenda At Once PIM software license for free. We don’t ask much – probably anyone can accomplish at least three of these requirements with minimal effort; some are so trivial that we’ll need to withdraw them at some point…

1. Write and publish a mini review on your (or someone else’s) blog, website or productivity forum.

2. Comment and submit a (honest!) rating at some of popular download websites (download.com, softpedia.com, fileforum.betanews.com, snapfiles.com, …).

3. Send us at least 10 suggestions or bugs. Everything counts, regardless of importance or severity. And this includes website and help (user manual) errors, obscure parts or wording improvements.

4. Finish one of presented TrialPay offers (subscribe to a service, join a network, buy different product, etc). Feel free to browse a list and find something that you like.

And of course, if your trial is over before you had chance to review it properly, just ask and we will send you trial extension key.

Does world really need so many PIM applications?

Is Sisyphus building another PIM?“Opinions are like noses, everyone has one”

When I mention that my company is selling PIM software, I almost can hear “On no! Another one?!”. Other PIM developers surely share similar experience, so let me try to explain what the heck I was (we were?) thinking.

Back in 2002, when our first products just started to pick up and I was getting serious about all this stuff, I needed PIM / to-do list application that I can actually use. After trying out dozen of existing products, I finally came to the conclusion that none of them suits my needs. Some were too complicated for what I need, some were too simple for what I need and some were just too ugly for my taste. 🙂 Of course, I was aware that these products were perfect for some other people, but still, I needed an application that does things differently.

Full of enthusiasm, without hesitation, business plans and similar mumbo-jumbos, I sat down and started a new project: Agenda At Once. Back then I didn’t know what we will do with it: give it away, sell it or just use it internally. I was simply satisfied with a feeling of creating something new and innovative.

After seeing what doesn’t work for me, I had a decent picture of what will. I took these as starting points:

1. My job doesn’t include much fixed appointments – I should probably pay most attention to to-do list management.

2. Of course, time after time I do need to schedule or attend a meeting, so application should have this possibility too.

3. It should be possible to divide tasks into subtasks. Strangely enough, in 2002 not much (if any) PIMs supported this.

4. It should be possibile to enter free-form notes somehow, for any data that doesn’t stricly fall into a “task” category.

5. It should be really easy to use – drag & drop, plenty of keyboard shortcuts, descriptive and simple interface.

It turns out that what worked for me worked for lot of other people too. Soon enough users started suggesting new features and most of them were implemented in all these years. Although number of features and options is multiplied compared to first release, I think we succeeded to maintain almost same level of simplicity and keep original philosophy.

So, what’s the answer? My guess is: yes, as long as at least one developer is motivated enough to create it – there’s a good chance that many non-developers have similar noses opinions.